Speech, Language & Literacy Screenings

Our team of highly qualified speech-language pathologists is well-equipped to screen, evaluate, and treat reading & communication disorders to improve your student’s academic success. Screenings are a quick way to determine if there is an issue that needs further evaluation. Please note a screening is not used to diagnose.


If you've noticed any of the following signs from your child it is recommended that you sign up for a screening below:

Difficulty understanding vocabulary

Difficulty being understood by others

Limited expressive vocabulary


Difficulty producing certain sounds

Problems with reading or spelling

We have 3 types of screenings depending on your concerns:

*Hearing screenings for specific locations are $20

sll screening

Articulation & Language


Reading, early literacy (5yrs+)


Full speech, language, & early literacy


Screening or Evaluation

Which one is right for your child?

It's important to understand that a screening is not the same as an evaluation. A screening provides a quick assessment of a student's skills, which can help identify if the student has fallen behind. Based on the screening results, therapists can determine whether a more detailed evaluation is necessary.


What is it?

A screening is a snapshot look at a student's skills. It is used to help identify if a student has fallen behind.


What is it?

An evaluation is a comprehensive look at a student's skills to identify where there are deficits and why. Evaluations produce a diagnosis if warranted.

Who is it for?

For parents who are just starting to determine if intervention is necessary.

Who is it for?

For parents who know their child is struggling, and are looking for the underlying issues.

What's next?

If deficits are identified then an evaluation will be recommended.

What's next?

Depending on the results of the screening a Therapy Plan is created and Speech Therapy is started.

Screening Registration Form

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