We help struggling readers improve their literacy skills so they can live successful & fulfilled lives! 

Sounds2Print™ is a structured literacy program that has successfully treated dyslexia for more than 20 years

Our program systematically and explicitly teaches reading from the sound/word level to the comprehension of sentences, paragraphs, and finally books.

Our approach focuses on

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Phonology (sounds), Phonics (connecting letters to sounds), & Syllabification (the number of syllables in a word).


Morphology, a.ka. how words are broken down into units of prefixes, root/base, and suffixes.


Vocabulary expansion, which evolves as students begin to read larger words.


Syntax, which is the patterns of words in a sequence

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Semantics, which gives students the ability to connect proper word meanings to their spelling patterns. 

Sounds2Print™ is developmentally paced & research-based

Content is taught in a logical and developmentally-appropriate order based on how speech and language should develop. Sounds2Print™ covers all the elements of literacy and the critical, research-backed components of an effective reading/spelling program. These components are:

Explicit & direct instruction


Systematic & structured


Sequential & cumulative 


This research-based approach is how we've helped thousands of students learn to read!

To start our Sounds2Print™ Program today, check out our summer programs and other therapy services!

Therapy Services

Therapy Services

RLLC not only offers typical speech and language therapy services but we also specialize in reading, testing, and dyslexia intervention. Our services are individualized to meet your child’s needs. Once we evaluate your child we create a treatment plan and begin the therapy process.
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Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Intensive therapy works best! We all know that consistency and frequency makes all the difference when trying to reach our goals. RLLC takes this same approach for therapy. We offer intensive therapy during the school year as well as during the summer months. In the summertime, we are able to offer small group programs and camps.
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