We help struggling readers improve their literacy skills so they can live successful & fulfilled lives! 

Sounds2Print™ is a structured literacy program that has successfully treated dyslexia for more than 20 years

Our program systematically and explicitly teaches reading from the sound/word level to the comprehension of sentences, paragraphs, and finally books.

Our approach focuses on

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Phonology (sounds), Phonics (connecting letters to sounds), & Syllabification (the number of syllables in a word).


Morphology, a.ka. how words are broken down into units of prefixes, root/base, and suffixes.


Vocabulary expansion, which evolves as students begin to read larger words.


Syntax, which is the patterns of words in a sequence

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Semantics, which gives students the ability to connect proper word meanings to their spelling patterns. 

Sounds2Print™ is developmentally paced & research-based

Content is taught in a logical and developmentally-appropriate order based on how speech and language should develop. Sounds2Print™ covers all the elements of literacy and the critical, research-backed components of an effective reading/spelling program. These components are:

Explicit & direct instruction


Systematic & structured


Sequential & cumulative 


This research-based approach is how we've helped thousands of students learn to read!