Success happens this Summer!

Summer at RLLC

We believe passionately in the power of changing lives by giving the gift of reading. That's why we offer summer intensive programs to get students on track for the upcoming school year. Whether your child has dyslexia, dysgraphia, or just needs a boost before the school year starts, there's a place for them here!

Improve literacy

With our Sounds2Print™ program, students learn literacy from science-based methodologies. Intensive help over the summer equips them for language arts in the fall!

Boost confidence

Decrease the stress and self-consciousness around their struggles by helping them understand why they are struggling and giving them strategies to improve. 

Grow friendships

Develop friendships with other students who understand the struggle. Providing a support group reminds them they aren't alone. 


Our Summer Offerings

Reading Program

This intensive program is for elementary & middle school students who struggle with reading & spelling. Ideal for students with dyslexia.

  • Small Groups
  • Orton Gillingham based
  • Multisensory

Writing Program

For 4th-8th graders who struggle with expressive writing skills. Ideal for students with dysgraphia.

  • Small Groups
  • Targets organization, grammar, and editing
  • Expands vocabulary


For rising kindergartners & first grades who want to work on their phonemic awareness skills.

  • Small Groups
  • Tailored instruction
  • Fun & Engaging

    Executive Function Coaching

    This program is perfect for any student who struggles with executive function skills.

    • Small Groups
    • Targets organization, time-management & planning
    • Improves decision-making skills

    Social Skills Program

    This program is perfect for any student who struggles with shyness, or social situations.

    • Small Groups
    • Builds confidence
    • Improves social-emotional skills

    Not sure which program is right for your child?

    Chat with one of our experts to find the best fit!

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    What parents are saying

    Jimmy's Mom

    “I love the guidance the RLLC team has given us as a family. I believe this center has the knowledge and understanding to meet families in all areas of concern when it comes to improving reading and language skills."

    Greta's Parents

    "RLLC works really hard in finding new ways to teach the needed material to each child so they will learn and see how it does help them in their school work. The RLLC team also comes up with new ways to keep them engaged during the session so they continue to move forward."

    Who we are

    At RLLC we are dedicated to providing quality intervention to students struggling with speech, language, and literacy. Founded in 2002 as a center for treating dyslexia and language deficits in children, we have created and successfully implemented a Structured Literacy Program to treat students with dyslexia.

    With our team's 80 years of combined experience, we are able to meet students where they are and develop specialized treatment plans for each individual.

    Frequently Asked Questions