Intensive therapy works best!

We all know that consistency and frequency makes all the difference when trying to reach our goals. RLLC takes this same approach for therapy. We offer intensive therapy during the school year as well as during the summer months. In the summertime, we are able to offer small group programs and camps. Our primary goal for our summer camp program is for the kids to have fun, while building their speech, language, and social skills. We offer both a reading intensive and a writing intensive based in Orton Gillingham Principles.

Sounds2Print™ Structured Literacy Program

A 60 Hour Intensive Orton Gillingham Based Reading Program

Dates for Summer 2022 Coming Soon!

Sounds2Print™ Writing Program

A 20 Hour Intensive Orton Gillingham Based Writing Program

The students will learn how to create an outline based on the keywords from paragraphs or stories they have read. Graphic organizers will be used to aid in writing. They will learn various structural models and style techniques for fiction and non-fiction topics. The children will practice proofreading and editing their writing and their peer's to create polished pieces. Orton Gillingham spelling rules and vocabulary expansion will be implemented during each session.

Dates for Summer 2022 Coming Soon!