Español con Gaby

1 to 1 Spanish lessons tailored toward your own personal/professional goals.


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$40 per 1 hour session

Testimonials for Español con Gaby

"I loved the structure of Gaby's classes, and it was great to learn from someone with a speech-language pathology background! Everything I was looking to improve upon (Spanish pronunciation, syntax, semantics, pragmatics), I did! Each week was a great blend of learning new vocabulary, practicing pronunciation, using new words in sentences, and learning about Spanish culture. Even after our first session, I was able to start using some Spanish with my bilingual clients (including greetings, common animal/food names, simple directions to look or sit, etc.). And I've already gotten some positive feedback from parents who appreciate this."

- Madison, Speech Language Pathologist

"My one-on-one virtual Spanish lessons with Gaby have been fabulous. She has taken the time to listen to my specific goals to speak more formally and increase my professional vocabulary to create individualized lesson plans. In addition to her helpful lessons, she has given me practical and beneficial ideas for ways to practice my Spanish outside of lessons. I already have noticed an improvement in my vocabulary and speaking fluency since starting to work with her. Gaby does a wonderful job of giving feedback and is fun to work with."

- Rachael, Occupational Therapist

"Español con Gaby” has helped me tremendously. While I have spoken Spanish for years, I was never sure of the right wording or grammar when speaking with others professionally. With Gaby's help, she provided a structured plan for me to review, learn, and practice many different terms and phrases in Spanish. I now feel much more confident when evaluating and treating Spanish-speaking clients for speech therapy."

- Gillian, Speech Language Pathologist

"So far, I've enjoyed getting to know some of the basic vocabulary which could be helpful with my bilingual-Spanish speaking families. Gabby makes the material approachable and easy. I'd like to keep working toward building sentences and learning the tenses."

- Carleton, Speech Language Pathologist

"I look forward to my "Español con Gaby” time each week. Gaby’s passion for teaching her native language shines through. She is an amazing teacher and very patient. Her lessons are well thought out and fun! She has been able to tailor my lessons to address areas that I requested. I studied Spanish for many years but due to lack of practice, I was only confident in working with preschoolers and early elementary students. After 4 months of  "Español con Gaby” I feel so much more confident in my ability to converse with my students and their family members. I look forward to continuing to strengthen my Spanish skills. Gracias!"

- Susan, Speech Language Pathologist

Therapist & Educators

  1. Dyslexia simulations for teachers, parents and coaches.
  2. Executive Function
  3. Bilingual language acquisition
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Ways to promote reading and writing at home
  6. Understanding Dyslexia Testing
  7. Importance of early intervention

Professional Presentations

We provide professional presentations describing normal language development to:

  • New Mothers' Groups
  • Day Care Centers
  • Preschools

Our presentations are tailored to each group and can include; early awareness of communicative signals, techniques for expanding vocalizations, and early warning signs of language problems. There is time incorporated for a question and answer session with the therapist as well.