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Nearly 1 in 5 children have a language-based learning disability. Dyslexia is the most common, accounting for 80% of people who struggle to read. 

Many students go mis- or undiagnosed for far too long, delaying development and eroding their confidence.

As a speech-language pathologist, psychologist, educator, or tutor, you know all this in painful detail.

You've seen firsthand how some children toil away without results, with popular, one-size-fits-all reading programs that don't work for them. 

You've witnessed their frustration—and their parents' sense of helplessness—as hours of effort get them nowhere.

And you’ve felt defeated yourself, hindered in what you can do to help, with the tools, programs, and knowledge currently available to you.

We've seen it all before, and it's heartbreaking. All this makes your task of getting them the RIGHT help as SOON as possible that much more daunting. Because you get it:

Early, accurate diagnosis is like a miracle for these kids.

Dyslexia can be difficult to recognize, and there are often underlying conditions that complicate a precise diagnosis. 

Identifying the EXACT causes of the child’s reading problems allows them to get valuable treatment, programs, and resources that change their lives forever.

The sooner that an accurate diagnosis is made: 

  • The less time is wasted on solutions that don’t fit. 
  • The faster you can correctly approach this complex condition with an approach customized to the child’s unique case. 
  • The sooner your child’s self-confidence can be rebuilt and developed as their reading skills improve.
  • The earlier your students get access to beneficial resources. 
  • The quicker you can reduce parents’ frustration and provide much-needed support and relief.
  • AND the sooner your confidence as a therapist is restored.

What Makes Our Approach Different—and Highly Effective

All too often, educators and pathologists are simply handed a cookie-cutter set of instructions for working with or teaching students with dyslexia. 

We have seen this approach fail so often, that we created our own proprietary treatment methodology, Sounds2Print™, which has helped thousands of students learn to read where other programs failed. 

Families who started with other popular therapies would often come to us after investing 50-60 hours with NO progress, only to start seeing their child get results in less than TEN hours with our Sounds2Print™ multisensory reading program—AND enjoy the experience, besides!

Our approach considers the child as a WHOLE. 

With this whole-child approach and the right diagnostic tools, you can get your young readers the RIGHT help, at the RIGHT time.

Michael’s story

One of our second-grade students, Michael, had been expelled from kindergarten for “behaviors” that earned him a diagnosis as emotionally disturbed.

Except that, when kids don't have language, they act out. Behaviors ARE language and a means of communication. 

Fortunately, Michael’s parents found us. We ran our comprehensive battery of tests—the very diagnostic tests you’ll learn about in Sounds2Print™ Testing for Dyslexia

We determined that he is NOT emotionally disturbed; he’s on the spectrum. And his language difficulties are a result of that

But at a young age, Michael had gotten pigeonholed with the wrong "label" and placed in a self-contained classroom for severely disordered students. It wasn’t where he belonged

When a child’s body doesn’t feel good, they can't really "attend" school. Michael had sensory issues. Who knows if his “behaviors” resulted from a teacher brushing against his arm or his clothes irritating him? Any of that could have led him to act out and be mislabeled.

For the first time ever, since working with us, Michael is enjoying school and learning. His mom wrote:

"Michael just out of the blue told me he loves the games with Ms. Nada [his therapist]. 'She really knows how to teach. I am learning so many things.'

Thank you for knowing what and how to reach Michael and giving him the chance to enjoy learning.

I can't say this happens often - I can count on one hand in the last 8 yrs the times he has said that he enjoys learning! You are making a difference with our family, and I appreciate you!!"

Therapist and Educators

Michael’s misdiagnosis, resulting in incorrect treatment, cost him and his family years of frustration and needless delays to his academic progress—reading especially—not to mention physical and emotional wellbeing.

Every speech-language pathologist, psychologist, educator, or tutor knows children like Michael and has seen what happens when they fall through the cracks.

This is exactly why proper diagnosis is SO critically important. And why we are determined to reach as many professionals as possible with our Sounds2Print™ Testing for Dyslexia course.

Our program gives you the proven testing and assessment tools and detailed case studies you need to feel confident helping your students—and to help you break through the obstacles preventing powerful educational and financial resources from reaching your students.

You will learn how to test for dyslexia, and interpret results.  

You may be here because you just completed our Sounds2Print™ Challenge, which lays the foundation for better understanding dyslexia and providing the initial tools necessary to screen for the disorder. 

Now, you can take the next step and learn what to do AFTER the screen. (And if you missed the Challenge, rest assured; we'll review everything it covered).

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What You'll Gain

It's more than learning how to administer a test. It's learning how to interpret results.

Sounds2Print™: Testing for Dyslexia is an immersive course that helps you look at the whole child when making a diagnosis to help identify and target the child’s specific needs.

In each module, you’ll receive video training on a featured test, covering WHAT it is, HOW it’s used, and WHY it’s an integral part of the diagnostic process.

In addition to the training modules, you’ll learn from 4 recorded round-table discussions where we review and discuss real-world case studies.

Geared toward speech-language pathologists, psychologists, educators, and tutors, you’ll learn: 

  • How to detect the warning signs and screen for dyslexia.
  • To deeply understand this complex reading disorder
  • How to get to the root cause of the child’s difficulties with a curated set of 6 sophisticated diagnostic tests!
  • How to evaluate which diagnostic tests should be administered to assess the child as a whole.
  • How to interpret these test results. Administering the test is useless unless you understand the significance of the results.
  • Practical application, through real-life case studies, so you see firsthand how each test is selected, used, and its results evaluated.
  • Understand which tests to use, whenso you know what constitutes a good battery of tests. 

I’m ready! Let’s do this.

About Your Instructors: What Sets Us Apart

With multiple elite certifications and over 40 years of research and practical experience between them, leading partners and speech pathologists Susan Danker and Carla Askew have helped over 5,000 students learn to read at their Reading and Language Learning Center (RLLC), with their proprietary treatment methodology and multisensory reading program, Sounds2Print™

They’ve developed products and training to help other facilitators, educators, therapists, and speech pathologists diagnose and understand dyslexia, as well as supported students and parents to navigate the daunting 504 or IEP process within their child's public schools. They know their stuff, and this industry, inside and out.

Beyond an accurate diagnosis, the Sounds2Print™ method helps kids reach their full potential. Many students have gone on to become first in their class, valedictorian, or attend top universities.  Carla and Susan are passionate about helping children learn to read—a lifelong, life-changing skill.

Carla Askew, M.A., CCC-SLP,

has been providing evaluations and remediation services for individuals with various communication disorders for 20+ years. Carla is passionate about getting people the right help, customized to their individual needs:

“I wanted to become a speech-language pathologist because I enjoy working with people, for one, and two, helping people.

“For families that have tried other popular reading programs in the industry... It’s been a long journey for all of them. They typically start somewhere and may have had 60 hours of therapy but seen no progress for their child.

“Once we begin the services, the parents notice that the child enjoys coming and that it’s making a difference. And that difference happens within 10 hours of direct therapy with us.”

Carla earned her M.A. in Communication Science and Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh. Married with two teenage daughters and two family dogs, Carla enjoys biking and skiing and practices yoga daily when she’s not working.

Susan Danker, M.S., CCC-SLP,

has been treating children for 20+ years in the field of speech pathology. She also has experience treating hearing impairments, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and emotional impairments in children. She brings the same heart of service as Carla: 

“I became a speech-language pathologist because I always knew I wanted to help people. When I was in my final year at Virginia Tech, I discovered language development courses through my psychology work.” Then Susan’s experience hit closer to home:

Liam’s story

“Imagine working so hard to learn how to read and spell daily and never making any progress. This was the case for my nephew, Liam. Liam acquired language and met all his motor milestones really early. By age two and a half, he was combining three- to four-word sentences. Friends and family said, ‘Wow, he's so smart.’ They just couldn't believe the vocabulary he had. 

“And then he went into kindergarten, and things started falling apart. No one suspected that he had a language disorder because he had been ‘reading’ for years, telling the story and flipping through the pictures. 

“Putting on my diagnostic hat, I tried rhyming with him, and he couldn’t do it. He couldn't blend sounds or break sounds apart or connect the sounds with letters. (So, an approach like phonics is useless for him.)

“After taking Liam through the Sounds2Print™ program, he now reads through stacks of books and is sharing these skills with his little brother.”

Seeing her exceedingly bright nephew lose confidence as he struggled to read added fuel to her passion for helping people get properly diagnosed and treated. 


Susan earned an M.S. in Communications Science and Disorders at Radford University and B.S. in Psychology at Virginia Tech. In her free time, Susan enjoys boxing, working out, and reading.  

Both Susan and Carla hold licenses in VA and DC and memberships in the International Dyslexia Association and the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. Both are certified Structured Literacy Teachers, a specialized certification that takes years to achieve, practical experience, and ongoing course work.    

What People Are Saying

I was really impressed with Carla and Susan's breadth of knowledge about dyslexia. [The Challenge] was a well-organized and interactive presentation that refreshed and expanded my knowledge about dyslexia. I am so grateful that they share their knowledge with other SLPs. I look forward to growing my confidence with diagnosing and treating dyslexia in future courses with RLLC. Thank you!

-Alison Raver, Speech-Language Pathologist, private practice

Decision time

Don’t let another student like Michael or Liam struggle with a misdiagnosis.

By learning to accurately screen and test students for dyslexia, you can:

  • Open the door to valuable educational resources for your student
  • Get children the RIGHT help at the RIGHT time
  • Develop personalized solutions designed for YOUR student in mind
  • Restore confidence for your students—and yourself! 
  • Relieve parents’ frustration with programs that don’t work
  • Change your students’ lives. 

We are so passionate about getting this information into the hands of the right people, we want to make signing up as accessible as possible: 

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With skilled guidance and training from leading professionals on how to use and interpret a battery of diagnostic tools, this is a small price to pay to make a life-changing difference for children struggling to read and write.

Take the next step and enroll in the Sounds2Print™ Testing for Dyslexia program today!

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