Are you ready to finally see improvements in your clients’ spelling?

We help you find the most effective way to teach spelling rules, with lasting results.


Does this sound like you?

  • If I knew how to teach the spelling rules in an effective way my students could progress faster.
  • If I could address spelling in my sessions I could stop turning away so many literacy clients.
  • It’s hard for my students with dyslexia to understand the classroom lesson. I often have to reteach the rules to them one-on-one.
frustrated teacher

If you resonate with any of those statements, we see you!

We’ve been in your shoes. We know what it’s like to see a bright child struggle through assignments, not for lack of imagination or intelligence, but because their reading & writing skills can’t keep up with their active brain. They’re so embarrassed by the possibility of spelling something wrong that they don’t even try.

Meanwhile, you’re working tirelessly to get across to these kids. You feel defeated and hindered in what you can do to help, with the tools, programs, and knowledge currently available to you.

What if we told you there is a way to teach your students how to spell that actually sticks? You’ll finally be able to have that a-ha moment with your dyslexic students and watch their literacy skills soar! They’ll succeed in their English classes and gain back their confidence. They’ll finally pick up a book to read for fun.

Introducing the


Orton Gillingham Spelling Rules Course 2

A course for SLPs and educators to learn the effective, science-based method to teach spelling rules, that actually works!

What's Included

orton level 2 physical rep

Video lessons to walk you through the spelling rules

Videos of actual students working through the rules with the program creators

A recorded Q&A session with the course creators, Carla Askew and Susan Danker

Reference sheets to accompany every rule that you can print and look back at later

Practice sheets to go along with every rule that you can use with your students immediately

The Details:


We want to make sure you're comfortable with the material. That's why attendees will have access to the course for a full year!

How it works

Attendees will review a set of recorded lessons and a recorded Q&A session from the course instructors.  During the Q&A sessions our experts, Susan and Carla, review the material and work through frequently asked questions.


We are so passionate about getting this information into the hands of the right people, we want to make signing up as accessible as possible! That's why we price this course at


So if you're ready