Demystifying Dyslexia

Sounds2Print™ Free Dyslexia Challenge

Dyslexia Specialists Susan Danker and Carla Askew host a Free Sounds2Print Dyslexia Challenge. This is an hour long event with the purpose of sharing our expertise in the field of Dyslexia. Participants who complete the challenge will be able to successfully identify dyslexia red flags, conduct a dyslexia screening and begin treatment.

We do this challenge multiple times a year, so if you want to be notified the next time we do it, sign up on our waiting list below!

Testimonials from therapists after attending the Sounds2Print™ 5 Day Challenge

"This workshop opened my eyes about dyslexia and dispelled several myths. We as SLPs have the phonemic foundation to help those with dyslexia, but often lack the specialized training required. I am grateful for the expertise and knowledge that Susan and Carla shared, which has inspired me to pursue this specialty."


"I attended Susan and Carla's Sounds 2 Print 5 day challenge online.  I had no idea how engaging and informative it would be!  They are a wealth of knowledge in the field of literacy and I am looking forward to signing up for another course with them.  I am going to be sure to clear my calendar the next time they offer a course so I can be sure to attend the whole time.  Highly recommend!"

- Cara

I am so glad that I participated in the Sounds2Print 5-day Challenge. I was really impressed with Carla and Susan's breadth of knowledge about dyslexia. It was a well organized and interactive presentation that refreshed and expanded my knowledge about dyslexia. I am so grateful that they took an hour out of their day (on top of the time they spent planning for the sessions) for 5 days to share their knowledge with other SLPs. I am so happy that I stumbled across this event and I look forward to growing my confidence with diagnosing and treating dyslexia in future courses with RLLC. Thank you!


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What We'll Cover

What is Dyslexia?


Importance of Phonemic Awareness

Red flags

Case study

Give away a free Sounds2Print™ dyslexia screener

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Dyslexia Challenge Waiting List

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