The Orton Gillingham Spelling Rules Course is a one-week interactive course. We not only teach you the Orton spelling rules, but we also provide video examples of experts teaching the rules to students.

Attendees will learn a new set of rules through video tutorials and then come together to review the rules and discuss the teaching process.

This course is based on RLLC’s Sounds2Print™  program. We created Sounds2Print™ in 2002, to cater to children with learning disabilities in reading, like dyslexia. Sounds2Print™ is a multi-sensory, kinesthetic, and phonics-based reading program that has successfully helped thousands of individuals.

This course is great for folks who joined us for one of our other courses, or those who know a bit about dyslexia and need support to teach the Orton Gillingham spelling rules.

Join us for this hands-on course to better treat dyslexia and grow your practice!


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