S2P™ Spelling Workbook Bundle

November 21, 2022

Practice all of the Sounds2Print™ level 1 & 2 spelling rules with this fun digital workbook bundle! Each rule has an explanation and plenty of worksheets to practice and review the rule. Grab a copy for your child, or student to work through today!  

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Speech, Language & Literacy Screenings

September 13, 2022

Almost there! Please select the type of screening you would like and click add to cart. The appointment will be confirmed once payment has been received. Any questions, please email limeish@readingllcenter.com    

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Template for Reading Evaluations for ages 7+

August 25, 2022

This product is for use by SLPs who are completing reading evaluations.

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Orton Spelling Rules Bundle Level 1

July 20, 2022

Grab your copy of the Orton Spelling Rules Worksheet Bundle Level 1! For each level 1 rule, there is a fun worksheet to use with your child or student!

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7 Early Signs of Autism

April 20, 2022

Download this checklist to see some of the 7 early signs of Autism. This is a great resource for parents, and teachers alike. It can be used to assess your own child at home or as a handout when teachers speak about Autism to groups or individuals If you believe your child has Autism and…

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