Virginia's Learning Acceleration Grant

To address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students' educational progress and well-being, Governor Glenn Youngkin announced the availability of $30 million in Learning Acceleration Grants to be used for qualifying education services. Grants are being awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

If your child qualifies, the grant money that families receive must be used at an approved vendor. We are happy to share that The Reading Language Learning Center (RLLC) is an approved vendor for this grant.

How this works

Step 1: Apply

Head to the VDOE website here to find out:
  • if your child qualifies to receive a grant
  • how much money your family can receive
  • what educational expenses qualify
  • how to apply for your grant
VDOE Learning Acceleration Grant Application

Step 2: Notify RLLC of application

Once you've applied for the grant please fill out this form to alert RLLC of your application or that you've been approved for the grant.


Step 3: Sign the RLLC agreement

Our admin staff will provide our agreement to you via email to be signed and returned. This agreement notifies you of the processes and what to expect from the use of this grant money at RLLC.

Step 4: Notify RLLC of approval

Once you are approved, VDOE will send you confirmation via email and the VDOE portal. Please send an email to to let us know the you have been approved, including the date of your approval.

Grant approval

After you've been approved

Once you've been approved for the grant, VDOE will provide information about how to access the government-provided payment portal, Class Wallet. This site is where you will submit information about the service you received. *This is the most important step as it's how you will receive your grant money*

Once you've sent notice to payment will proceed as follows (you'll notice this looks like a traditional rebate):

  1. Parents will make payment per the terms of the RLLC financial agreement signed at the beginning of services.  
  2. RLLC will provide invoices for parents to submit to Class Wallet per the terms of the aforementioned financial agreement. 
  3. When RLLC receives payment via the class wallet for your child, RLLC will issue an electronic check for services rendered and paid by the 3rd of the following month.

*Please note: Clients must submit invoices for services via the government-provided payment portal, Class Wallet. RLLC cannot submit the invoice for you, nor retroactively apply funds for a specific service.

How to submit to Class Wallet

For full instructions please refer to the following document:

Submitting to Class Wallet

Things to note:

  1. We are registered as "The Reading & Language Learning Center", so please make sure to type "The" before the rest of our name
  2. It displays our location as Vienna but all of our Virginia locations are included in the same Class Wallet account.

How you can use your funds

These funds can be used for all of our services. Below we list a few of the popular services to use the grant money for. Please note, $750 must be used before August 15, 2023 and the remainder of the funds must be used by December, 2023.

Our summer programs

Because $750 of the grant must be used before August 15th, we recommend joining us for one of our summer programs!

They are a fun and effective way to help your child improve their reading & writing skills over the summer.
Learn more about RLLC summer programs at the link to the right.

Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Intensive therapy works best! We all know that consistency and frequency makes all the difference when trying to reach our goals. RLLC takes this same approach for therapy. We offer intensive therapy during the school year as well as during the summer months. In the summertime, we are able to offer small group programs and camps.
Learn More

Traditional Therapy Services

All of our regular therapy services are included. If you want your child to do one-on-one therapy that continues into the school year, book a chat to get the conversation started!