Summer Programs & Camps

Our primary goal for our summer camp program is for the kids to have fun, while building their speech, language, and social skills.

To register for any of our summer camps, please contact Carla Askew at 703-821-1363/202-253-1654 or

Preschool Language Group
Ages 2 to 4
Weekly sessions. Dates to be determined.

Children will participate in theme based activities while further developing their social, auditory processing, receptive and expressive language abilities.

Cost: $120 per child. Group discounts for 2 children is $60 per child, 3-4 children is $40 per child.

DC: dates to be determined

VA: dates to be determined

Phonological Awareness Groups
Ages 5-6
The camp is two weeks long for two hour each day.  July 4th is a holiday.

Is your child struggling to identify letters and sounds?  We have a fun phonological awareness group that will meet daily for 4 weeks to improve their letter sound recognition as well as rhyming and blending. These are all the basic skills needed for reading.

Cost: $120 per hour per child or 2,400. Duo rate 1,200 per child, 3-4 children is 900 per child.

VA and DC: June 18-June 29   time: 1:00-3:00 pm
VA and DC: July 9-July 20       time:  1:00-3:00 pm
VA and DC: Aug 6-Aug 16         time to be determined

Summer Intensive Writing Program

Each camp is 3 weeks long. The camp will be 4 hours per day.  Dates to be determined.

Is your child struggling with the writing process?  We are offering a 3 week writing program. The children will learn how to develop simple sentences to complex sentences. Write complete paragraphs with topic sentences and details. They will also spend time illustrating their work.

Cost: individual rate: $7200 per child,Group of 2-3 kids $3600 or $3300 for a group of 4 children.

 Summer Intensive Reading Program

Each 60 hour camp is 3 weeks long (4 hours per day) from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm or 1:00-5:00 pm. Camps will take place June 18 to July 9 and July 9- July 27 Aug 1 to August 19.

We are offering a 3 week intensive reading program for children.  Our program called Sounds 2 Print begins with direct treatment of phonemic awareness skills and moves through a modified Lindamood Bell® multi-sensory method. Once the child becomes successful at this level Orton-Gillingham rule based reading and spelling methods are introduced.

Cost: individual rate: $7200 per child,Group of 2-3 kids $3600 or $3300 for a group of 4 children. A deposit of $700 to secure a space in our groups is due with application and is nonrefundable.



Payment plans can be arranged upon request.