Summer Programs 2017

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Preschool Language Groups  

2.5 to 4 years old
Are you concerned about your toddler’s language development?  Do you know how to play to increase language output?  Join us for 6 playgroups to enhance your toddler’s language development and playing skills.

Preschool Language Camp flyer

Phonemic Awareness Groups

5- 6 years old
Is your child struggling to identify letters and sounds?  We have a fun phonological awareness group that will meet daily for 2 weeks to improve their letter sound recognition as well as rhyming and blending. These are all the basic skills needed for reading. Each session will be 2 hours.

Phonemic Awareness Summer Program 2017

Multisensory Reading Program Level 1 

Starting at 6 years old
The program begins with direct treatment of phonemic awareness skills through a multisensory method. Once the client becomes successful at this level, rule based reading and spelling methods are introduced.

Dyslexia Level 1 Summer 2017


Multisensory Reading Program Level 2
For those clients who have already completed level 1 in a group or on an individual basis.

Dyslexia summer reading camp level II (2)


Visualizing and Verbalizing Program

Starting at 7 years old
Visualizing and Verbalizing® (V/V®) is a sequential program of instruction to develop mental imagery as a base for language comprehension and thinking. This program is used for children that have weak concept imagery, which usually causes them to only comprehend a few facts or details rather than the whole picture.

This program is designed for children with weak concept imagery that have difficulty with reading comprehension, critical thinking, following directions or connecting to conversations.  They may also have difficulty expressing ideas in an organized manner.  If they read well, but are severely unable to comprehend they may be labeled hyperlexic, high-functioning Autistic and/or Asperger’s. Graduates of the Visualizing and Verbalizing Program should improve their language comprehension, reasoning for critical thinking and expressive language skills.

Expressive Writing Program

Starting at  9 years old
This program is designed to teach the mechanics of writing.  Students will be taught how to effectively organize their thoughts into cohesive written works.  During the 3 week period the following types of writing will be covered: Persuasion, Exposition, Comparison/Contrast and Research. While learning the writing process, the students will improve their planning (organization), writing (grammar) and revising (capitalization and punctuation) skills.

Expressive writing camp 2017