Kindergarten At-Home Learning Recommendations and Resources


• Draw a picture
• Build a pillow and blanket fort and make up a story about someone who lives inside
• Make a list of every animal you can think of
• Listen to a podcast or music (try:
• Create a treasure hunt for someone else in your household to follow
• Go on a walk and write down everything you see
• Make jewelry out of dried pasta
• Pick your favorite song and make up a dance to it

Academic Resources
Math exercises, games, and interactive demonstrations – free for all parents through June 30, 2020
Interactive reading and math exercises
Printable worksheets and comprehensive lesson plans, sorted by subject and standards
Daily books and videos with activities
Age appropriate games and follow-along curriculums for language arts, math, science, and art; free one-month subscription with sign-up
Free video lessons in math and English
Over 25 activities, all of which can be completed using everyday household materials
Options for guided learning and self-directed learning; free month with code ATHOME
Free videos and activities spanning a range of topics
Short videos exploring science mysteries, sortable by grade level
Read-aloud and discussion, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm on Zoo

Fun and games
Choose from eleven different live cams to observe animals at the San Diego Zoo
Yoga and physical fitness adventure videos, easy to follow along with, sorted by duration and activity level (calm/focus/active)
High energy “indoor recess”, suitable for K-5